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25-May-2020 05:18

And it's not fair and it's not true and it's not smart because we are not fat.' Jennifer insists that the 'weight police' have not pushed her into excessive dieting or a punishing work-out regime. I eat normally and I do have a work-out programme but I do it because it makes me happy and because people in my family have had heart disease and I don't want to die early. Filming But at the end of season four Jennifer's character Melinda was about to give birth - might life imitate art for the actress?One of the most frustrating things about the media obsession with weight, she says, is that it is impossible for a celebrity to win. 'I would love to have kids, but I have no idea when.There are quite a few - oddly connected - reasons why Jennifer Love Hewitt is walking tall these days. Today she is wearing a pair of slightly scary Louboutins that push her tiny 5ft 21/2 in frame to a disproportionately lofty height.They were a gift, she says with a sheepish smile, from her boyfriend Jamie Kennedy who is one of the other reasons why she is feeling so, well, elevated right now.All they know is that they are sitting at home, maybe four or five sizes bigger than me, and their role model is called a "big house" - what does that do to them?Young girls don't know what has been airbrushed and what hasn't and I think it's very irresponsible,' she says with evident emotion, and continues, 'I think we are feeding eating disorders; we are promoting sickness to girls using celebrity role models.

Three months after that, when Jennifer was asked about rumours of an engagement, she seemed to be issuing an ultimatum when she said, 'If by this time next year we're not planning something, then there's a situation.' Then in July, during one of his live comedy performances, Jamie spontaneously proposed, and she accepted - although their publicists deny a formal engagement. 'The engagement thing was blown out of all proportion.

When I made that comment about there being a "situation" I wasn't really giving him a time clock.