Dealing dating rejection

22-Dec-2019 13:02

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Relax – Do not feel so emotionally invested in every interaction.

It’s hard not to care what people think, but maybe you could try to worry less about it.

Rejection is one of our greatest fears, a fear that can have a very damaging impact on us.

Maybe the way you acted, the things you said or the things you did that caused the rejection. It stops us from approaching another person we really like. The way to fix rejection is to balance it with confidence by investing in fun activities and positive thinking.

Have humor – It can help diffuse tension, and it’s good to remind yourself that you are a great person.

Even though it may sound and feel hypocritical, try to be upbeat when you feel down.

Do not anticipate rejection – Show your interest towards the other person before beginning a conversation.

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Some people may fail to notice that you are looking to engage them.You might feel rejected, but they may not realized that you’re interested.

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