Designer file not updating asp net

12-Mar-2020 01:55

NET projects we can include whatever pieces of ASP. Personally, I like this idea, because it makes me feel a lot better about that ASP. Here are some relatively easy steps you can follow to get your project to the point where you can start leveraging some of the newer ASP. Update to the latest version of Visual Studio that is available to you.

The subfolder will contain 3 sub-folders: Controllers, Models, and Views.

When you see an ocean of out of date packages you just don’t know where to start. What this means is that you end up with a bin containing a jumble of output from the project (which should be ditched) and external dependencies (which you actually need). In a perfect world, packages are added via Nu Get for all the sorts of reasons that make Nu Get great.

Particularly once you start adding your own dependencies, things start to get a bit out of control. It means your solution root ends up looking like this one from my Hack Yourself First website: Now I say “a perfect world” – not everything is in Nu Get.

Or is that not important and he just didn’t think about it? Register Auth(); The solution is also the same – source control! Create a feature branch if you really want to head off in another direction but for the love of clean code, don’t pollute the main body of work that other people need to live in with a veritable brain fart of unused code! In fact as you saw in the .gitignore file, the bin and obj files really shouldn’t even be going into source control in the first place.

You’re in for a whole world of pain here: it won’t (automatically) work on other machines, it may not build in a CI environment and it’s probably going to mean configuration on the server beyond just deploying it.

For example: Often this’ll be due to a dependency on assemblies installed by a process outside the scope of this project.

No more deploying to IIS as a service, for example, you’re going to need full control on the box so bye bye Azure websites and all sorts of other hosting options.

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You get a lot of stuff in project templates these days. What often happens is developers compile then commit the bin and obj files to source control.

You’re now leading a team working on a big old messy Web Forms project. If so, I would strongly recommend you convert to a Web Application Project before proceeding to the next step. Right click on the Web Application project and click on Properties. This is traditionally a step that was very manual and rather clumsy (see here and here). Right click on the Web Application Project and select Manage Nuget Packages. Alternatively, open the Package Manager Console and enter the following command: In previous versions of Visual Studio, you needed to add a special Project Type GUID to the project file before Visual Studio would allow you to add MVC Controllers and Areas to the project.