Droid x news widget not updating

02-Apr-2020 02:41

A reboot seems to fix the problem: To reboot your Android device, hold the power button until a window appears and tap "Power off".

Then turn it on again, enter your PIN and wait for it to connect to the network.

There seems to be a situation where Android (tested with Android 4.1.1) seems to ignore all widget updates.

The smaller widgets (smaller than 4x4) are displayed as images as explained above.

This gives Calen Goo full control over what it can display but unfortunately it has to guess the size of the widget.

"Beautiful widgets": And the problem has already been reported to Samsung:

droid x news widget not updating-59

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board Name=General&message Id=260035&list Lines=15&start Id=zzzzz~&search Type=ALL&search Text=widgets It seems to be a problem in Samsung's Android version 4.4.2 and it still seems to happen with version 4.4.4. According to the links above another solution is to use a different launcher (instead of Touch Wiz), e.g. Another workaround is to turn the automatic installation of updates off.A solution (but only for the agenda widget) is to use Calen Goo's scrollable widgets, they can automatically fill their whole space (you can see it in the second screenshot on the right side, it is still a 2x2 agenda widget).

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