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Of course we hit it off—he was witty, charming, and hilarious, not to mention completely sexy.

The next day I texted my best friends in awe of this "perfect" guy that I had met. But he seemed to not mind my company and we talked all night.

We ended up staying and sitting at the bar until closing when we had to leave. Picture Mickey Mouse, but if Mickey Mouse wore open-toed ankle boots and had feet that weren't each the size of his head.

Anyway, on my way to our friend's apartment, she texted me and said, "You might like my friend! Fortunately, he either overlooked or failed to notice my embarrassing "jewelry." We ended up going to two nightclubs, both the kinds of places that are covered in sticky and pepper their house music with the kind of horn blasting that makes you want to not have ears. And the craziest part of the whole story is, he picked up the phone and called me the next day.

He's one of those dapper guys with a 'devil in a Sunday hat' smirk, and obviously, he was just my type.

After the first beer, I was throwing the girl at the end of the bar death stares because he kept chatting with her as bartenders want to do – she was alone and reading a book (seriously, this was happy hour for goodness sake! By beer two, I was half listening to my friend (don't hate me), pretending like I cared about the basketball game The Bartender kept glancing up at and flashing the most dazzling smile I could muster.

I then did the thing all college kids do after a great party. I forgot about him and saw him on my newsfeed during my sophomore year. We started chatting on Facebook and ended up going out on a date.

Four years later, we are still together." - Veronica D. The Girl Who Was On the List"The first time I met my now boyfriend was when I was at an invite-only house party that he snuck into.

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The John Bercow Guide To Understanding Women is an allegedly comic article which the then 23-year-old local councillor wrote for a Conservative student newspaper.

He handed me his phone, and I took no less than five minutes to figure out how to call myself – I even unwittingly left myself a drunk message from his phone.

After I finally manage to get his number into my phone, I pop the ultimate question."What's your name, again!?

"Needless to say, he called me the next day, we had our first date a few days later and the rest is history." - Chelsea S.

His wife has already exposed herself as a former 'ladette' who would drink two bottles of wine then have one-night stands with men she barely knew.

Instead of finding a table for dinner, my timely friend and I decided to have drinks at the bar while waiting for the rest of our party.

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