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07-Jan-2020 20:10

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Must say that the dating website I'm building a.t.m.

is quite different than what people are used to so we'll have to wait and see if people are interested in this kind of dating process.

All members are also allowed to create private profiles which can be only viewed by subscribed members if they have the view permission granted by the profile's owner (user owning the profile).

This is to offer users privacy where they don't want to reveal more private details about them to the wider audience and only selectively permit certain users in their inner circle who they like or trust.

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These official releases come bundled with a variety of modules and themes to give you a good starting point to help build your site.Dutch so most won't be able to read it (google translate? Tomorrow i will publish a modules list, of the modules installed at this time, maybe some will be dropped and probably a lot will be added.If someone got idea's or tips or anything that might help, let me know! One is a Lesbian Dating site and the other is serious dating site. Both sites employ pretty much all the modules as stated in this thread except Buddylist as it did not need to utilize any user relationship/association type functionality.

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These two latest cougar dating sites are more typical of industry standard features.But the user owning the private profile can remove the default access and add only certain individuals of their choosing, either upon request for such access from that individual or of their own choosing.