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1011-1012 al-Hakim passed a butcher shop, grabbed a meat cleaver, and killed one of the assistants. 1012-1013 Forced subjects to bow to him and call him our Lord 1013 Some Christians who had allegedly converted to Islam were still celebrating the Lord's Supper in their house. He had edicts in favor of Christians, and rebuilt a monastery, restored many churches and their possessions. 1010 Forbade Christians to use wine in the Lord's Supper. He destroyed churches and convents, sparing only the monastery at Sinai. 1007 Prohibited the Palm Sunday procession in Jerusalem 1008 Confiscated the property of the churches and Monasteries in Egypt 1009 Forced Christians and Jews to wear crosses and bells. Al-Hakim allegedly amused himself by watching it burn.

The Abbasids were succeeded by the Fatimids, who ruled from North Africa and later centered in Egypt. Muslim Festivals: They celebrate most Muslim festivals, but they do not observe Ramadan for go on the Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca.

To understand their origin, we have to go back in time to the time of the Egyptian Fatimid caliphs. In addition there were dais (missionaries), ma'dhuns (preachers), mukasirs (persuaders), and the rest of the true believers.