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11-Apr-2020 18:06

) and Justin posts a sexy photo of Miranda Kerr on Instagram (albeit not one he took himself) August 2014: As is tradition at this point, Justin posts a photo of him and Selena to signal that they are back on.

September 2014: Justin confirms that Jelena is back during the legal deposition for his DUI, telling the court “we’re dating.” October 2014: The pair is spotted fighting at an airport in France, and Selena tweets about being lonely shortly afterwards.

Selena stands by him during a scandal about a racist joke Justin made on video.

July 2014: More Bloom-Kerr drama (although at this point the two have divorced): Orlando punches Justin in Ibiza (on video!

January 2014: Justin posts a sweet photo of the two of them on Instagram captioned “love the way you look at me.” March 2014: Selena attends a #We Day party with a group that includes Orlando Bloom, whose ex-wife, you will remember, was rumoured to have gotten very close to Justin back in 2012.

April 2014: Justin and Selena have a fight at Coachella, allegedly due to the fact that Selena found photos of Kylie Jenner on Justin’s phone.

It’s still unclear if they have officially reconciled.

July 2013: They spend the Fourth of July together, but in a subsequent interview Selena claims to be single.

April 2013: Selena reportedly flies to Norway to see Justin, and he posts a quickly-deleted black and white photo of them together where they look very cuddly.May 2012: Selena deletes her Instagram account after posting a photo from a shooting range captioned “releasing some stress today,” which causes some to speculate that Jelena may have split.June 2012: Breakup rumours are put to rest when they arrive to the premiere of together (wearing colour-coordinating outfits, no less).February 2011: …They make their first red carpet appearance as a couple at the Oscars party.

November 2011: A (bogus) paternity suit involving Biebs and a fan fuels the first breakup rumours.

Shortly after this, Selena is linked to Orlando after they are photographed sitting on a curb together outside a Chelsea Handler concert.