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After all these years of playing, it was Austin’s first tournament. The Rowdies went on to eventually win the tournament, although their style of play was very unorthodox. The trip home through the major duststorm in Lamesa and the lightning show north of Midland is another story. I don’t think the league realized who they had put together, but the center striker grew up in Norway. We went to Abuelo’s where I ordered Los Mejores de la Casa… And it appears he is coming to our shores this summer.

If you don’t want to read the whole post, here’s the short version: Six games in two days with 95 degree temperature and constant winds of 30 mph and gusts over 50 mph. They got a couple of points ahead and then spent the majority of the rest of the game kicking the ball out of bounds. They would purposely kick as hard as they could with the wind. It was very hard fought and they scored the leveling goal within the last minute. At this point, the time has well-expired, but it’s the referees call when the game ends. I’m mad at MLS (Major League Soccer) and the Fox Soccer channel. Longer version: Austin has not played soccer since we left Corpus Christi. And he’s always been one of the smallest on the team. He scored three from the top of the box today, all long shots over the keeper into the top corner. We have a long legged girl on wing that outruns everyone and has a great cross. Remember the two Italian brothers who played soccer like it was breathing? They were juggling, passing and dribbling around people like flowing water. Austin sat out the first half and played keeper in the 2nd half. bacon wrapped fillet mignon and honkin’ big shrimp stuffed with cheese and jalapeños and wrapped in bacon. In 1992, Beckham started at age 17 with Manchester United in the FA Premier League.

For example: A CEO has a conference call with analysts and says “I think” before offering insight.

There is a distinct difference between beginning a sentence with “We think,” which indicates a level of uncertainty seeking cover of the universal “we.” “If they say ‘we think,’ they are less certain,” said Luo.

The punishment is immediate and effects the game where the foul was committed. The pressure from the team is heavy because their actions have kept them out of the next game as well. I have never ventured into the world of fantasy sports.

This year, my brother-in-law, Kendall, talked me into joining a family and friends football league. It gives us something to do together, and she’s pretty good.

“What I find the most interesting is you see so many new data vendors, so many new, unique data sets.

It’s almost impossible to talk to all of them.” Luo specialized in quantitative research for many years at Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB) and reached something of a career crossroads when his current opportunity arose at the boutique services offered by Wolfe.

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It especially resonated for me during my current unemployed state. In both games, I was witness to flagrant helmet to helmet hits… I squirmed in my seat as I watched Indianapolis Colt Austin Collie lay unmoving on the ground for over 10 minutes and then be carted off on a stretcher (where was the cart? Later that evening I watched Dallas Cowboy Roy Williams collapse like a rag doll after a helmet shot from a defensive player. After an over-abundance of these hits, the NFL has enacted a new policy of fines and possible after-the-fact suspensions for helmet to helmet hits.The punishment needs to be ramped up to match the level of the infraction.Since I know that most of the top NFL officials read my blog, I suggest they copy a policy from the other “football”.The family that plays fantasy together, stays together… Most of our players did moderately well, as we’d planned.

One problem we did not expect, Peyton Manning had an off night.

So, with a bow to Chrysler and Clint Eastwood’s Halftime in America as my #1 favorite commercial, here are the next four (I will post the Eastwood ad, but it may not show). The violence in the National Football League is out of control.

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