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Im a bubbly blond who likes a laugh and joke and good conversation. hiya im easy going fun loving woman who loves having a laugh with my friends. I have an independant streak but enjoy a good giggle. I like pottering in the garden or spending the day sight seeing.In my spare time i some times wonder what im doing in the middle of a field at 4am!! Im easy to get along with and im looking for someone who can make me laugh because its been a while. I love all creatures - great and small...hey, i,m ninah.Studies suggest that seeing body diversity more often can actually make people more likely to consider larger bodies more aspirational and attractive.So I created a photo project to show New Yorkers how sexy plus-size women can be — by presenting them with steamy, intimate scenarios featuring one sexy plus-size woman: me.I have a laid back character and am a *****cat if I am treated well When not working...I'm an outgoing, confident, a bubbly lady with a great personality and full of fun.Hi there all about me, Well i am 32,confident,nice personality,of a warm and caring nature so my mates tell me and just like the simple things in life.

I am honest and very loyal to those who treat me well, but don't take advantage of me!

I happen to love the way my stomach looks in a two-piece bathing suit and how strong my legs are, but that doesn't mean it doesn't take constant work to mentally accept my body (as I'm sure is the case with women of any size, unfortunately). When I recount my dating history, I realize that all kinds of people are attracted to my confidence, as well as my refusal to be negative about body size.

But in about a week and a half I'm going to get into it.'She explained: 'He just complements me so well. … continue reading »

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Working along side him is his sister Dana, the apple of his father's eye.… continue reading »

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