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Moreover, all preliminary European data for the first millenium BC indicate very strong variations of the Earth's magnetic field, especially for declination and archaeointensity.Accordingly, this period appears very interesting for both understanding the evolution of the geomagnetic field and increasing the resolution of archaeomagnetic dating.In France and in Germany, directional secular variation curves cover, respectively, the last 25 yr. However, the resolution of these curves only permits reliable archaeomagnetic dating of archaeological structures for the last two millennia.

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15 salterns and 40 salt-kilns were identified over 1 ha. Kiln walls seem to be have been well heated, particularly the central pillar.Calibration of radiocarbon ages was realized with the Intcal04 curve (Reimer 2004), using Oxcal software (v. Although the uncalibrated radiocarbon ages are precise, the calibrated date intervals are large, due to the long plateau in the calibration curve during the Early Iron Age (Fig. Table 1 presents uncalibrated ages and calibrated dates at 95 per cent confidence for the three kilns.