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It might smell better on others, my skin can really bring out sweetness and sharp chemical notes in perfumes sometimes, which is why I gravitate towards softer, more natural perfumes, but this seriously smells like something you'd find at the drugstore to me. Which I guess is great if it works on you, but it just prolonged my misery lol. I can imagine it being basically the above, with stronger mid to base notes and less top notes.Just be warned, if you're looking for a soft vanilla-floral, this is NOT it. Warm, sweet and comfortable yellow flowers and vanilla scent with a touch of almond blossom. But I'm looking for reviews from people who have tried it!She says you have to have the height and the weight to be able to pull these off.And while I admit that I would like to be in place where I can just borrow Elle from my mom, I would actually like to own Cinema. Though, i will give it a second chance due to good reviews here. I was gifted a small 1m L decant of this by a very generous friend and I adore it.

It is so sad that ysl discontinued this beautiful fragrance, probably in favour of more popular hits like Manifesto, which is for me just bleeh mmweeuh scent.Even though the ad says it's for glamorous women who boast Hollywood scale social life, I believe that in 2017 that translates that it is even for those who like GOING to the cinema. The dust of the movie theater even though these new ones are sprayed and sterilized all day long. The gold of the movie screen, the romantic date, and definitely an autumn evening stroll. I liked the name, but the scent seemed soo boring to me! This is so devastatingly hard to find offline and it's devastating. I get extraordinary longevity and a soft sillage, so it's not likely to offend. I spritzed it on my arm, I I get the citrus/vanilla nice combo.