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02-Feb-2020 02:24

Stereotypes are broken down and understanding is promoted.Diversity is celebrated, as people strive to learn from each other.There was talk that that Saddam Hussein would bomb Israel.I began chatting with people in Tel Aviv for updates on how things were on the ground.The program became immensely popular at the University, and eventually spread throughout Scandinavia.By the end of 1988, IRC was spreading throughout the Internet.(However, one cannot communicate across networks.) There is a plethora of networks, the most popular of which are EFNet, Undernet, Dal Net, and New Net.

Today's most popular client softwares are not developed by the big software giants, such as Microsoft or Netscape, but by average people just looking to make the IRC community a better place.And it was with this in mind that I set a course to work at the U. Information Agency, the State Department's cultural outreach entity.I found IRC to be a community with incredible opportunities for substantive international connections.It seems that on IRC, the only barrier is language; geographical barriers have been torn down.

Friendships are forged, lovers are brought together, and ideas are shared among people who will never meet.

IRC, otherwise known as Internet Relay Chat, is one of the oldest and most popular forms of Computer Mediated Communication.