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20-May-2020 11:38

WMBF News Came across these mounted cams the other day while walking on Veterans' Pier in Murrells Inlet.

So in light of the OD Pavilion outages, I'll tell you a story that foes back to the summer before last.

(I know it says "Myrtle Beach" but as we all know, some people don't realize they are different cities.) 1/10 My photos from some of the hurricane matthew damage 10/9 Dead Dog's storm video The following has absolutely nothing to do with web cams. The sign reads “Please be courteous and respectful to your dog neighbors. The corresponding ordinance proposes prohibiting the use of the name “Barc Park” because it encourages barking and allows “any animal to make long, frequent or continued noise which disturbs the comfort or repose of any person in the vicinity of the park.” Really, y'all..can't make up something like this.

6/15 Over 1,000 lightning strikes were recorded in the Myrtle Beach area Wednesday afternoon, one viewer took a spectacular slow-motion video of the bolt striking the ocean.

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8/23 - The Avista cam seems to be working this morning, so I have moved it back to the active web cam list!

My neighbor and I drove up to NMB to hear the Shakers...probably the biggest act of the season at the Horseshoe.

Early in the season, North Myrtle Beach experienced a lot of flooding.

He thinks it must come from a cam on top of the Hampton Inn! I still get the occasional e-mail about problems with the OD Pavilion cam. The webcam service itself is provided through at times there is a lack of cam maintenance and possibly old equipment which is not likely to improve. SOS Pro Dance Contest April, 2016 Fat Harold's Feb. 8/9/17 We have a lot of webcam outages and I have tried calling all of them without response.

I have received a response from WPDE concerning the oputage of their cams, I was assured they are working to get them re-installed. For you who are fans (and to those who should be) South Carolina Gamecocks - Williams-Brice Stadium (Drone) These drones are amazing well done! Aerials by Scott Krause Happy Memorial Day you NMB shag fans!! So here's the latest (dated 7/17/17) from Conde Nast Traveler: Best Surfing in the World 8/17 I discovered Ocean Watersports is back online! :-) 8/16 Harbourgate Marine is working again, and is now listed with the cams above.

The wave at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, are famed for being among the argest in the world.

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