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22-Jan-2020 02:06

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The internet is beginning to also have a greater impact on teens when it comes to sexual identity construction and is now the most commonly used form of communication.

For generations, teens have turned to media outlets for information about sex and now with the internet at almost every teen’s fingertips, access is just a click away.

However, in chat rooms teens are communicating primarily with strangers and with one or more users.

Users gather information about one another by using codes such as asking “a/s/l” to determine another user’s age, sex and location or by using gendered nicknames.

Casual dating is discouraged on the site, and members are asked to review the site's philosophy and join only if they agree.

You must purchase a basic membership to join the chat rooms. Participants can talk about anything and everything, and that often includes sex. Scammers also hang out in some chat rooms, looking for people they can trick out of money or financial information. Monitors can block participants who use inappropriate language or who don't seem to follow Christian values.

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Paying members of Christian Café can participate in a moderated chat room. Christian Café also features a prayer community, with members posting their own prayers or joining in prayer for others.In many cases, you'll have to wait until your registration is approved before you can participate on the site.