Fusion christian dating

24-Apr-2020 10:22

If you know when your body responds best to exercise, you will always train at these times. It makes sense to find a training partner on a similar schedule to yours.

It's not rocket science to make good plans, but too many people will ruin their own training to fit around someone else, then wonder why they have quit after two weeks.

Some of us really like to get up before the sun and head down to the track for an early morning run.

The sane among us would rather head to the gym after work, it lets all of the day's stresses and strains pour out of our bodies at the same time as the sweat.

You need a person stood by your side with the same interest to give you that little bit of extra motivation.

They can give you the want to go that extra mile, lift that extra rep or just not quit.

If you follow these five tips, you will be able to find the right fitness partner for you.

Two people can both be training for the same distance, let's say 10km.