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25-Feb-2020 14:57

It's clear this pulp fiction's informed Graney's own writing, which can display a taut, streetwise restraint and occasional crassness, but he's obviously read widely, the rhythms of the Beat writers, and their argot such as squares and cats, also get a look in.But can't really be compared to any particular genre because Graney, as always, goes his own way, whether that be wickedly satirical dream sequences, a subjunctive sentence that runs for two and a half pages, generous use of exclamation marks or beautiful turns of phrase.

While Dave knows what he's talking about, truth be told I got a bit lost on this journey sometimes, but I just wanted to keep going because the guy behind the wheel has a unique take on life, and is able to express it with a distinct voice laden with poetry, satire, intelligence and a dash of surrealism.

He can be laugh-out-loud funny, particularly through wisecracks about people he doesn't respect.

He can be amazingly humble and outrageously arrogant but it's not just a matter of attributing one to Graney and the other to his stage persona, because the dude with the pencil moustache, leather pants and high-kicks is happy playing concert halls or small-town pubs, as long as the music sounds good and the audience is into it.

Beginning with the seminal post-punk band The Moodists, tripping into country psychedelia with The White Buffaloes, reaching the public eye and collective Australian consciousness through the commercial success of The Coral Snakes (which culminated in Dave winning an ARIA for Best Male Artist) and returning to creative independence in the 00's with The Dave Graney Show & The mist LY.

Their music has delivered unexpected and endlessly stimulating results for over three decades. How many people truly appreciate the dynamic range of Graney and Moore, sonic explorers who have shapeshifted through the window of post-punk, country, rock, r'n'b, soul & folk.

The soundtrack will be comprised entirely of music from the Dave Graney & Clare Moore canon, including rare b-sides, instrumentals composed specifically for the film and your favourite Graney/Moore hits.

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