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Hope this helps, but I have seen quite a few books with a discription close to this. The woman is a surgeon who was working too hard and (I believe) collapsed and was forced to take a vacation.There are some websites that allow you to search by historical era or location. Years ago I started reading this book and got interrupted and was never able to finish it. She is staying in this house and the next door neighbor's dog comes over. Her sister lives on the island and makes glass designs. There is a particular scene in the book in which the heroine names her new perfume "winterfire".

But he is just injured, His portrait hangs in the bedroom and he comes to the room at night pretending to be a ghost and appears to walk out of the portrait.She is mistaken for a teenager and is hired by her neighbor as a housekeeper or assistant? He comes to the Heroine's grandmother's island to shoot a pirate film. Theres another scene in which the hero shoots for a new perfume ad in which he wears a lab coat.She pretends to be a teenager and the neighbor is conflicted because he is attracted to everyone, m new her and i hope some one can help me find this book, i have been looking for it for a long time:i read the book around 10 years back. Thanks in advance I really wish there was some sort of database where you could search keyword plot lines to books and find titles! I've been looking for a book I read years ago and thought someone may be able to help.X goes away somewhere before the book starts, and the heroine wants to lose weight and generally make herself over before he returns.

The heroine meets another man (we'll call him Y) at a party near the beginning of the book, and I believe they start going out so that she can gain some experience in preparation for her reunion with X.

The heroine gets along well with Y and the book is mainly about their growing attachment and about the heroine's weight loss and weight/self esteem issues.

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