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At some concerts, the band can drown out the vocals.

But both were in fine form on Saturday (May 13) night.

She got her nickname "Rainie" as the other band members were "Sunnie", "Cloudie" and "Windie". The band was concidered to make optimistic, happy music, to express emotions.

After the disbanding of "4 in Love", she moved back to Taiwan and have taken more care about her TV and movie career, starring in many teen dramas and tv shows.

Just a simple stage, a man who can sing and a band who backs him up.

And what sweet sounds were made by Li and his band - which included Singaporean keyboardist Ruth Ling - whom he thanked later by flashing each of their faces and names on stage .

She got her nickname "Rainie" as the other band members were "Sunnie", "Cloudie" and "Windie".

She was the youngest of th Biography Born in Taiwan, she lived in Hong Kong for a while, where she started to play in tv commercials.

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No fancy costumes, dancers, special guests or pyrotechnics.In 2006, she released Meeting Love, which also sold very well.She has another album set to be released during the summer of 2007.According to Epoch Times, the actress who starred in the second instalment of QSeries titled "Life Plan A and B" last year, shared that she became acquainted with lots of new actors during production, and that their simple and relaxed life touched her very much.

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As a former member of Taiwanese girl group, 4 in Love who made their debut in the year 2000, Rainie said that she was comfortable performing as a group and being given supporting roles in dramas in the past, adding that she was living in the moment. However, the actress said that she is now at a place where she is at her most comfortable state, both in her personal life and her career.

REVIEW / CONCERT RONGHAO LI AN IDEAL WORLD TOUR CONCERT The Max Pavilion Saturday (May 13) A sea of hands wave languidly to the gentle humming during the song Aiya, as soft lights wash over us.