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27-Jan-2020 06:28

Bible sales in America, this year and every year, are huge.

The Bible actually is consistently the best-selling book of all in any given year, and it never makes the bestseller lists.

But for most folks in America the Bible is simply synonymous with their favorite translation.

This is in many ways a dangerous equation since every translation is already an interpretation of the original language text, and no translation is perfect (no, not even the King James by a long shot).

" is "Who am I buying this for, and what do they already know when it comes to the Bible, the Christian faith etc.?

The truth is, we have far better and earlier manuscripts of both the Hebrews and the Greek texts of the Bible today than they did back then, and so can produce a translation much closer to the original wording than they could have done.

In other words, you need to come as an informed consumer-- informed about the different Bibles, and informed about who you are buying it for. The Message or the Living Bible), to idiomatic translations (e.g.