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While in Colorado Springs, Alex Shibutani attended Cheyenne Mountain High School and finished his sophomore year there.

He completed his junior and senior years of high school at Huron High School and entered the University of Michigan in the fall semester of 2009. He originally trained as a single skater and competed up to the juvenile level in singles. At that competition, they placed second in the first compulsory dance, fourth in the second compulsory dance, and third in the free dance, ending up with the silver medal.

At the start of the third season finale, host Cat Deeley promised us, “there is absolutely no padding.” That wasn’t exactly true; hell, they had two hours to fill.

But it was mostly filled with actual dancing, even if they were best-of routines that will be showcased on the show’s tour starting Sept. The promised dance between Cat and Nigel was actually just a video of their cut-out heads pasted other people’s bodies dancing to “La Cucaracha,” and some unnecessary musical numbers also took up time.

And the show actually eliminated people, starting at the one-hour mark.

First out was Lacey Schwimmer, sister of last year’s winner, Benji. And completely out of it was Paula Abdul, who was in the audience, waving crazily as usual.

Alex Shibutani changed his club representation to the Broadmoor Skating Club, where he and his sister trained. At the 2007 Midwestern Sectional Championships, their qualifying competition for the national championships, the Shibutanis competed under the ISU Judging System for the first time. At Nationals, the Shibutanis placed second in both compulsory dances and then won the free dance to win the novice gold medal by a margin of victory of 2.06 points ahead of silver medalists Sara Bailey & Kyle Herring.

The Shibutanis finished third overall by 0.25 points and won a bronze in their World Championships debut, a feat not even Virtue and Moir, the current Olympic Champions had accomplished.In March 2003, he and his family attended the World Championships in Washington D. He said, "We were seated close to the ice in the second row, and when the ice dancers came out for their warm up, we could actually feel a gust of wind as the skaters flew by. After moving up to the intermediate level and performing well at the non-qualifying competitions, the Shibutanis went to Colorado Springs, Colorado to work with choreographer Tom Dickson.

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