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Finally, to end a Money Pool, click on Details in the Money Pools.

Then, select the pool you'd like to end and click 'Manage Pool,' followed by 'Edit Pool.'Then, find the End date and select 'Edit,' and select 'End Pool Now.' After this, nobody will be able to contribute to your pool.

The feature could help stressed holiday shoppers plan their gifts and keep a track of money for group gifts and holiday travel within their Pay Pal account Money Pools could also ease the burden of having to pay the upfront for the full cost of a group gift, and having to chase people to pay you back.

To use Pay Pal Money Pools, log in to your Pay Pal account on a web browser or mobile app and select 'Your Pools' along the left side of the account homepage.

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Pay Pal today launched its Money Pools feature which lets people set up a group for cost-sharing.According to a Pay Pal survey, more than half of Americans say they are stressed (54%) about holiday shopping, and a third (33%) of Americans plans to pool funds with others in order to buy someone a holiday gift this season.