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23-Jan-2020 07:31

Another school of thought, backed up by OKCupid research, says that you really DON’T want magazine’s interviews with the most-messaged New Yorkers would seem to bear this out: Better to have half the population think you’re a 1 and half think you’re a 10 than for everyone to agree you’re a 6.

Now, what if you don’t want to spend hours painstakingly customizing a profile? Inspired by the tech industry’s continued failure to invent “the straight Grindr,” in 2011 the writer Anne Friedman came up with a list of suggestions for making a hookup app that would be popular with women. Allow only ladies to search, which would supposedly eliminate the flood of messages that awaits any woman who signals she’s interested in casual sex.

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(Like a pyramid scheme, you get better rewards – in this case, more matches per day – the more friends you have using the app.) Born out of technological necessity (in the early stages, most users only had a few friends-of-friends using the app) this limiting factor goes against the general trend of dating apps – and of the infinite stream of the web itself. Like Tinder, Hinge connects through Facebook, but it takes this connection a step further.When people say “online dating,” this is what they mean.The setup of traditional dating sites remains fairly similar across all platforms.The first two: Message lots of people, and try your darndest to ask interesting questions.

The third, born of anecdotal data, is to be one of those users who swipes right on .Hinge, which borrows most of its interface from Tinder, takes this one step further – you can see people with whom you share a mutual friend.

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