I quit dating

13-Feb-2020 09:30

I learned that my barista was a former college professor who had given up teaching to sell lattes. A fellow Lyft rider had a degree in actuarial science but worked as an options trader for a large produce company. The man pouring cream in his coffee next to me at my favorite coffee shop was an assistant superintendent of Chicago’s Department of Streets and Sanitation.I learned he was heading out to face the aftermath of a gruesome overnight crash, but not before he gave me his card and offered his assistance “Should I ever need anything.” I couldn’t imagine what future sanitation emergency he could mitigate for me, but that short conversation had me smiling all morning.But, like developing a workout routine or meal-prepping, it’s also a habit that must be practiced to be sustained.But I have no plans to stop as long as it continues to be joyful and affirming.There is an incredible freedom in living a life committed to true, organic, human connection.

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If it’s wine and cheese night with my girlfriends, even better.

Consequently, I often found myself in coffee shops with men who, at best, I didn’t click with, and at worst, I actually disliked.

The next time we ran into each other was when I went to interview for a job in the ski resort's lift department, which he happened to be in charge of. I think he can't really find a woman to keep up with him, even in his own age group. The man I dated was essentially an 18-year-old himself when it came to maturity.… continue reading »

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