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It provides the essence of ASL (and its predecessor, Squad Leader), without all of the special circumstances.

For an almost trifling , it provides a perfect way to enter the ASL world.

A single countersheet provides squads, weapons, and leaders for American, German, and Russian troops.

Two geomorphic mapboards (meaning that they can be placed together in different configurations to recreate different situations) featuring urban and village terrain provide the battlegrounds.

2nd Edition (i.e., 10th Anniversary Edition) comments: In June 2014, MMP released a new edition of ASLSK1.

It is identical to previous editions, except that it includes a new, updated rulebook that fixes all known errata.

We walked for miles far underground, gaping at a never-ending series of subterranean spectacles, yet there were still so many caves and tunnels we had not seen? The Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit (ASLSK) is quite a bit like that cave entrance.

It is a modest package that enables people to explore a huge new world.

As the ASLSK popularity grew, MMP has made it clear that the Starter Kit has a future beyond the first three modules.While still capturing John Hill’s moments of decision, ASL greatly expanded the field of play.Players had control of units ranging from reindeer-drawn sledges to amphibious landing craft, and could play scenarios set anywhere in the world, from the jungles of Sumatra to the steppes of Russia to the beaches of Normandy. The rules were long and somewhat intimidating, especially to the casual gamer.This has led to some uneasiness among ASLers, most of whom were happy with the Starter Kit as a successful vehicle to bring “new blood” into the hobby but fewer of whom would equally embrace a more comprehensive system that actually threatened to become a rival to ASL.

Yet this is more likely than not the future for the ASLSK. id_article=74), Spanish ( and and Japanese ( language rules for the ASL Starter Kit available, but as downloads rather than as printed products, marketed and sold in those countries.

The new maps also use computer graphics rather than the handpainted style of earlier maps; many ASLers were sorry to see this development.

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