Intimidating classical music

30-May-2020 01:41

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Certain segments of this are extremely popular and you will definitely recognize them.

There's a popular joke amongst art music aficionados that all the best Spanish classical music was written by Frenchmen. I guess you have to be a big music nerd like me to find that funny.

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I'm sure those in the know will skewer me for leaving out any one of ten thousand other possible choices, but three main factors have guided my selection of this If you don't recognize this immediately upon hearing it, you've been living in a cave since the day you were born. Also from the Baroque era, each concerto consists of three movements, and they are very programmatic–that is, different themes represent specific scenes or events through sound.

The In 1958, at the height of the Cold War, the Soviets held the first quadrennial Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow.The unlikely winner was a lanky young Texan by the name of Van Cliburn, who, even in those extremely tense, nationalistic times, so wowed the world that he became an overnight celebrity, and the Russians began calling him ‘Vanka,’ (‘our little Van’.) I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Vanka play this work live; it’s his signature piece, and with one ferocious concert he propelled it into the public consciousness forever.Shostakovich was a tragic figure whose genius managed to shine even through the stifling censorship of the Soviet regime under which he lived.(Let's forget for a moment the gross inaccuracy of lumping all the music mentioned in this article under one generic term; when I say ‘classical' music, we all know what I'm talking about, and all the music here could fit under that monstrous umbrella.) Nothing like a ‘Top Ten Pieces of Classical Music That Must Be Heard Above All Others' list to get the ball rolling, so let me explain the format: I've picked ten pieces, all of which are extremely well-known to classical aficionados, most of which are well-known to the wider world.

I'll include a brief note on the piece, as well as a recommendation or two of other works or composers that might be appealing if you enjoy that particular work.

Don't look for catchy melodies to hum in this one; it's all atmosphere, violent, percussive clashing, atonal dissonance and off-beat rhythms.

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