Irish men dating culture

29-Dec-2019 17:32

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Readers who fancy a juxtaposition of summer heatwaves with otherworldly dread will get some kick from Nothing on Earth by Conor O’Callaghan, while those after profound and beautiful brevity will love Kathleen Collins’s posthumous story collection Whatever Happened to Interracial Love.Two that kept me sane on recent transatlantic flights: Eli Goldstone’s witty, fierce debut Strange Heart Beating, and David Keenan’s masterpiece post-punk novel This Is Memorial Device.Most arresting book of the year is After Europe by Ivan Krastev.A short work, it attributes our severest European challenges to the refugee crisis.For anyone looking for an alternative to the standard sports biography, David Squires’s The Illustrated History of Football is an absolute treat.Very funny and beautifully drawn comic panel walk us through the key moments in the game from its early days to Leicester’s miracle, with razor sharp satire.IRISH MEN ARE more likely to leave school early, commit a murder, or be unemployed, a new report shows, while Irish women earn less and are unlikely to hold a seat of power.

There’s a lot of buzz about Elizabeth Day’s The Party as well as Sarah Winman’s Tin Man, so both of these will be straight on to my reading list.

And one I’m so looking forward to cracking: Mariana Enriquez’s collection Things We Lost in the Fire.

I heard her read recently and was blown away by her humour, boldness and genius.

For men, there has been a slight improvement with rates increasing 3.3% from a low of 62.4% in 2012, but the rate for women has increased just 0.7% in the same period.

And once they are in employment, women are likely to receive about a quarter less pay, while men are likely to both work and earn more.I’m also going to read Liza Featherstone’s Divining Desire, on the story of focus groups in corporate culture and the always controversial Camille Paglia’s Free Women, Free Men: Sex, Gender and Feminism.