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Serena eventually becomes romantically entangled with a former teacher, while a girl named Juliet Sharp (Katie Cassidy) secretly plots Serena's downfall.The Gossip Girl character continues to narrate, and Serena continues to try and discover her identity, several times coming very close, but never quite succeeding in solving the mystery.Blair is intimidated by this development and some distance arises between them.Elsewhere, Nate tries coming to terms with his father's unlawful history, busying himself by wooing Vanessa, who finds herself becoming steadily more entrenched in Upper East Side intrigues.Every episode begins at the Gossip Girl website homepage.A photo of the Upper East Side's it girl, Serena van der Woodsen, is shown, and a summary of past and future events is given.

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Serena's career and soul searching continues, and she beds Carter Baizen (Sebastian Stan), Nate's married cousin Tripp, and lastly Nate.

For starters, Serena has slept with Nate Archibald (Crawford), boyfriend to her best friend Blair Waldorf (Meester).