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The EIS states that the “Conservation Centre and its incorporated Interpretive Centre, the aquatic environments of the dam and nearby rivers and streams, refuge islands, turtle nest banks ...and the proximity to Australia Zoo (just 40 minutes away) provide a wide range of educational opportunities at all levels, from primary to post-graduate tertiary”. that private organisations will seek linkages to the Fresh Water Conservation Centre that may seek funding to expand their operations through existing mechanisms or linkages with Queensland Water Infrastructure.” The Turtle Conservation and Research Association said the zoo indicated it was not prepared to make a public declaration on the issue.It include a new south-east Asian attraction and an African wildlife safari park built on adjoining land, plus eco-lodges and a hotel with restaurants and conference facilities.The park will also have its own railway station as part of the state government’s new CAMCOS rail line.Steve Irwin rocketed to super-star status due to the success of his United States Disney Channel series.Steve’s movie, Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course, alone took more than million at the box office, while his enormously popular television series had an audience of half-a-billion viewers worldwide.The Irwin brand has become synonymous with conservation, and Wildlife Warriors, the charity organisation founded by Steve and Terri Irwin, is involved with projects and a range of partnerships in Australia, Asia and Africa.But some environmental groups are asking why the Irwins, the zoo and Wildlife Warriors have chosen to remain silent on some key issues in their own backyard.

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Bob Irwin has been out of contact since suggestions surfaced about a family falling-out at the world-renowned tourist attraction, and the Daily has learned he purchased a property near Kingaroy last week.“We sent a letter to Main Roads about the planned upgrade of Steve Irwin Way, and we believed it was a great opportunity to involve the zoo and talk jointly with the government about improving the environmental design,” general manager of the Sunshine Coast Environment Council Ian Christesen said.“When we contacted the zoo, we were told to send them a submission. “We met with their marketing people some months ago and said ‘here are a range of opportunities where we could work together and perhaps arrange an environmental audit of the zoo’ because they weren’t using green energy, they had lights on outdoors during the day, and they were using polystyrene in the canteen, but again, we heard nothing.Late last year, the Australian Freshwater Turtle Conservation and Research Association asked the zoo and Wildlife Warriors to take a stand on the Traveston Dam and to make a submission on the state government’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The association said it was prompted to do so after the EIS made reference to the zoo in relation to the planned Fresh Water Conservation Centre promised by the government if the dam proceeds.

Family spokesman John Stainton said the Daily had no prospect of securing an interview with Mrs Irwin and the zoo has refused to comment on the matter to date.