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49, 00, 51 Of the feuperiuti Ce ^' 50 .^''t/'n^"*^ absolute.... ISl, 2 Pimtoyninnl or R Jlxl- ed Verbs, and list of those which are inoct commonly used 161 123 Mo4lel oi a Reflective Verb. 163 124 Interrogative and Nega- tive forms of the Reflec- tive Verb ib 1Q5 Conjugatiun of Passive Verbs 17C li JO, etc. Irregular Verbs of the Second Conjugation, 1st Branch, Punu 179 2nd Branch, Sentir 18O 3rd Branch, Ouvrir 183 141 Irregular Verbs of the 1..0 'Tbinl Conjugation 184 142 etc. 4b, 47, Mi Degrees of Compa: nson ; irregularity of ^^. 156 120 Models of the Fourth Conjugp.tion, Rendre, Plaire, Paraxtre, Re- Dui RE, Joindre ib. 17» 135 Imgular Verbt of the \ First Conjogatfon al- LER, ENVOYER 175 137 Conjugation of s'en al- ,„Q i-e B, t« go away 177 d», etc. o^y 5283 f'*f is not ..«ed a Jter ai meaning if, but a"er si, meaning whe- i'H-3R. P«ff6 381 'An ^^w*in*ihi*V«l 2«-ia^iw and /« pr^i^^ ** seul, penonn^, ^. *« The wla Uve ««», ^ ^ yure the subjunctive af- tor a negative phnne .... Of tjie Negations ««, pas^ poitit, where aw the latter tb be used 370 De must be used before the nouns after a nega- tive sentence 374 Ji ne saurais used in- 8teadofy«we|n4«...^... tions of more than forty verbs ending in guer, and in manv other words, where it stands beforehand i, as Sed only to give to ,. S- the middle oi woras, retains its hard sound, na n Bero-hen Vnirhi.„ egh^e emgmesegment,amyg gno-mi-de gnomi-que gno-mon gno-mo-ni-que di-gni-t6 i-gno-rant com-pa-gnie 61" Consonants. gna-pha li-um gnos-ti-que ag-nat ag-na-ti-on cog-nat cog-na on ag-na-ti-qtie r€g-m-co quatre-vingt-onz- $ ie7ne centicme . vingiaine, a scare 5 trtntain©, a tcoremul a quarantaino, two score { cinquantaine, Iwo score and a halj' soirantainc, three score — four score \ deux milliewe, etc. rent Jered by quo8t,on,^ renuered |,^ -'80 The reluti Veinu's Vbe'c Io'se to Its antecedent.. ' " "''^' '"^ "'* improperly, written in this Gif forms a distinct syllable in at-gu^tr, aigue, suraieut eigne, amhgu^, contigue, exigue, fnd besaf^e oiill sounded as a d.phthong, that is, the tw6 vowefs are heard in mgujlh axgmllade, aiguilhn,^u^ in the proper names d^Aiguillon, de Guise, h Guide, But the ^f in the nflec! ill H -^ y"^"" joite Regard^z that magnificent bui Ming, it unites gracefulness to b-eautv. ^, Of Elisions % Of Negations ^ 28 Of Words alike in boih i-iflg«agcs, etc ^... W'ords considered in their nature and inflections... 66, 67, 68 Possessive Pro- nowis Conjunctive Mon, ma, ntes, elc. 108 /o /a UB, in explanatory sentcn- • CCS, used instead of U.

212 218 001 ^irect, ot Cf MOfi 171 Order, place of tha sub- ject of the Verb, in the four forms IS O/* Government or caaes! E its Elision before Vowels, and Contraction 170 tn 74 n ;•: . CHAPTER I, 67 30, 31 Of tlic 'Svdsfan- ^mation of the^*** -P^ttro/ of Simple Sub- •itaiiuvefl 33 Of the rornuuion'of'the ^i^ral of Compound oubstantives .., jq 69 Page 98 CHAPTER 11. theu Concord ^ 69 Possessive P,onouiu R ' LATi VB le micii, la I en7t£ etc 70 to k Jb* 101 34, 35, 36, 37 Of the Ar- Ticr. It is silent in fau^ i T^if'f'^f ^"'^'•^''''^^"* 5o^.ro•./'«Me, Bcmrg-la Jeine, &c., and likewise m M^^io-^^e, afe sang frmd, sah^-de' dragon, m rang, sang, long, before a consonant, and ai™ Ltff °''^'*''°' ^^'^"^-^'^o-, A«^-^ng, efo7^5•, .emo- and iourg^mestre i^1 pronounced dowro-t^e-we^/re, and bv LTr m Tner! them them tlunii t Jiem fpoyez-to/r ce Cpay them «7M Q«..1..7.3.«./-2 * dit eux * 07i2parlait 1 "lie 96 fin OF THE PRONOUN.

When rang mng, long, precede a word beginning with a vowel, g final s sounded as k. 130 l U Gen«rtil Rule on the place of the Adverb ib.

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