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Communion - Jehovah's Witnesses (also known as the Watchtower Society) observe the "Lord's Evening Meal" as a memorial to Jehovah's love and to Christ's redemptive sacrifice.

Contributions - No collections are taken up at services at Kingdom Halls or Jehovah's Witnesses conventions.

They have sex together so far is btw themselves it was not a sin.

They have a kind of mentality, they wont give you somethings if you are not there members.

Small Groups - Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs are strengthened during the week with small group Bible study in private homes.

To learn more about Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs, visit the official Jehovah's Witnesses Website.

Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs include works such as learning about Jehovah, living a moral life, regular witnessing to others, and obeying God's commandments as part of the requirements for salvation.

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Holy Spirit - The Holy Spirit, when mentioned in the Bible, is a force of Jehovah, and not a separate Person in the Godhead, according to Witness teachings.Salvation - Only 144,000 people will go to heaven, as cited in Revelation .