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Love that transcends from such powerful gazes and translates into an undying love.Society’s encroachment to a very innate and fundamental aspect of our being is met with violence and death. Conclude by stating whether you believe in romantic love or have cast of the idea.Its heroes, usually knights, are idealized and the plot often contains miraculous or superatural elements.According to Tony Davenport the central medieval sense of romance is ' of narratives of chivalry, in which knights fight for honour and love.' The term amour coutois ( courtly love) was coined by the French critic Gaston Paris in 1883 to categorise what medieval French lyricists or troubadours referred to as ' fin armors'....[tags: chivalry, noble, knights] - I choose to describe the putative relationship between Adam and Caroline in the movie “Untamed Heart”.

Schlink also uses their relationship to showcase the form of love they possess for one another....

[tags: social bond, romantic love] - Lancelot, the knight of the cart, is in love with Queen Guinevere, who constantly compromises his reputation by embarrassing him .

Chretien de Troyes writes Lancelot in The Knight of the Cart to be deeply in love, so much so that he constantly sacrifices his reputation for the queen.

[tags: romantic love, break up] - In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, love is exemplified more ways that we can imagine, from the undying love of two people to parental love.

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Love celebrated by the protagonists with playful sonnets to express their endearment and love for one another.

[tags: common love, symposium, sexual relations] - Many people want to have a romantic love in their life; however, romance is such abstract feeling so that we do not know whether it exists or not.