Maggie grace and ian somerhalder dating

12-Dec-2019 07:28

Maybe Maggie was briefly returning to her first celebrity crush from her boyfriend list?

Then, Grace shared a personal shot of Somerhalder giving her a kiss on her temple on her instagram page which was very romantic.

Though fans long suspected a romance between Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, the couple didn’t take their love public until the Coachella music festival in April 2011.

It’s safe to assume that the duo kept their relationship a secret for several months prior to that, leading people to believe that Ian broke up with Meghan Auld in order to be with Nina.

Ian Somerhalder palled around with former Lost co-star and ex-girlfriend Maggie Grace at Lost's 10th anniversary panel at Paley Fest, and the results were adorable.

The former Boone and Shannon clearly don't have much bad blood left over from their split. Kate Bosworth and Ian Somerhalder starred together on the Dawson’s Creek spin-off Young Americans but didn’t start dating until 2002 when they reunited for the Bret Easton Ellis novel adaption The Rules of Attraction.

Not all hope it lost, however, for us crazy Nian fans! Whether Nina and Ian will ever get back together, there’s no denying that the blue-eyed heartthrob has has excellent taste in women!

While it's too soon to tell if a full reconciliation is in the works, ; Though rumors started swirling that the exes were headed for a reconciliation, their recent comments suggest otherwise. Over the last twelve years, the actor has been linked to lovely ladies like Kate Bosworth, Maggie Grace, and Ashley Greene — and we have all the photographic evidence to prove it!

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Maggie Grace is heading back to television — could that mean a possible TV reunion?She is most inspired by her mother saying that they are more like sisters.