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She asserted that Section 27-22 of the School Code set forth the minimum and maximum graduation requirements for Illinois schools and that community service is not one of the requirements.

She also argued that the legislature provided a volunteer service credit program allowing districts to offer course credit for community service work, thereby indicating that school districts are prohibited from making community service mandatory.

Community Outreach can work with students that may have mandated service requirements, such as from university courses or court ordered, and can connect them to specific community partners on an individual basis or through already existing Community Service Day Programs.

Please note, not all Community Partners accept court ordered service volunteers.

Be up front with them and explain why you are calling.

Hands On Greater Portland volunteers must sign a waiver that they've never been convicted of or charged with a violent crime, child abuse or neglect, child pornography, child abduction, kidnapping, rape or any sexual offense, or ordered by a court to receive psychiatric or psychological treatment in connection to that crime.

If you have community service hours to complete, here are the ways Hands On Greater Portland can assist you - we have found the following guidelines to be helpful: It's your responsibility to keep track of your volunteer hours on a form you create or were provided, and obtain the coordinator's signature for each project you attend. It's up to you to submit proof of your community service.

Choose projects that fit your schedule and be aware that our projects are usually 2-4 hours long. If you have many hours to complete, or need to complete them within a short time, we recommend you work directly with an agency where you can work repeatedly, or for longer shifts.

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The Court rejected the parent’s argument that the voluntary service credit program precludes mandatory service learning hours.When researching high school graduation requirements of community service, there are several terms that ought to be clarified, as they may be confusing.Civic engagement is an overarching term and is defined as enhancing civic society through the combined use of “knowledge, skills, values and motivation” to achieve social change (NYTimes).Unfortunately, if you have been convicted or charged with any of these crimes, you will not be able to use our Project Calendar.

Instead, you should contact agencies or the county courts for volunteer opportunities.

To ensure that a community partner will accept volunteers with court-ordered service, students should reach out to the Community Partner or to Community Outreach prior to the event.

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