Method of documenting tracking and updating software licenses

23-Jul-2020 20:46

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where License Info URL is the license info URL (for Munki Web Admin, that's something like and Item One, Item Two and Item Three are names of pkginfo items.The server then looks up license seat info for Item One, Item Two and Item Three and responds with a plist: The returned plist should contain key/value pairs, where the key is the item name and the value is a boolean: true if there are available seats, false otherwise.If you are selling a Word Press plugin or theme, this change log can still be utilized via the included API. License Keys By default, Software Licensing will generate a unique 32-digit license key for the completed purchase of a licensed product.There is no limit to the number of keys that can be created.Below is a screenshot of part of the user interface inside a single download for setting up software licensing for that product.Software Licensing uses itself to provide automatic upgrades for the add-on.

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This file is setup through the main Download Files configuration section. Change Log This is a documentation of the changes that have been made with each version of the software.

However, the License Key textarea will allow you to list your own available license keys one per line.

Once they have been exhausted, keys will be automatically generated once again. The Downloads → Licenses page provides an overview of all the license keys you have sold.

Additionally, the Status column will read "No available licensed seats".

Note that there is no explicit mechanism for a client to notify the server that it has installed an item (or will install an item).If you are selling version 1.0, then enter 1.0 here.