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If Kohima fell, the way was wide open for the Japanese to march down onto the plains of Northern India.It was in Kohima that the British Empire forces defeated the overstretched Japanese after months of battle and began the reconquest of Burma.As a Singaporean of Chinese descent, I found many similarities with the Nagas (which they have agreed as well).We are all rice-eaters, unlike the North Indians who prefer roti or pancakes- or bread-like staples.The Nagas also appealed to the British on account of their war efforts and loyalty to the British, but real politik has always prevailed.The British had their hands full with the chaos and confusion of the Partition of India with Pakistan, not to mention the reconstruction of Britain following the war.The festival was initiated seven years ago to bring together the 16 tribes of Nagaland (including 14 of Naga ethnic origin), most of whom spoke languages mutually unintelligible and had totally different festivals and customs due to the isolation of the valleys they inhabited, to celebrate their traditional heritage much of which was characterized by exuberant dances and singings, as well as rituals that used to be associated with headhunting raids and war party.

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In contrast, many traditional art forms in Singapore are fast disappearing.

I did not need to feel guarded all the time against cheats, nor analyse what could be the catch in every seemingly fair transaction.