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30-Apr-2020 16:17

Email chatbots like and Slack chatbots like Meekan and take on the drudgery of arranging and scheduling meetings. Polling the team: Fast feedback is essential in today’s agile management and development environments.Polly the poll is the most popular chatbot in the Slack store and was one of the earliest arrivals on Microsoft Teams (Microsoft is keen to make it easy for developers to migrate bots to its environment).The technology can be made available anywhere you need help, and is rapidly being integrated on mainstream messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Skype to answer questions, automate tasks, and help you get more things done.Chatbots are even being used to re-imagine website user interfaces.The ROI comes from reducing call center costs and accelerating customer service so your employees can focus on solving more difficult problems.Social media and social networks have transformed marketing and business over the past 15 years, and we've all had to adapt to survive.

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So how can you harness chatbots to make your employees smarter?Instead of downloading and installing apps to our smartphones and learning how they work, we can access services directly from the messaging apps that we use each day by simply inviting a chatbot to the conversation.