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07-Feb-2020 21:11

Fishy, I thought, because this dude notoriously half-asses it on every workout.So I try again: “What is intense.” Yes, when picking a personal trainer, you might look for a guy with bodybuilding chops and the bulging biceps you want.I had the pleasure of interviewing Blake via e-mail to get the lowdown on his past and future projects, his directing process, and insight for those hoping to break into the New Media industry.

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“My male clients will come in and think it’s cute to train with me…but they’ll end up lying on their face. ” she says “I’ve had guys on the ground after a workout being like, ‘You’re crazy!“It’s all about keeping the mind engaged and incorporating exercises that challenge different angles and body movements while also building core strength, agility, power and balance.” So what’s her secret to sculpting you into shape?