Navigon updating

07-Jan-2020 03:08

When we release an update for the NAVIGON app, you will automatically be notified by the App Store to update.

New functions as well as safety and compatibility relevant implementations for a more stable usage of the app are available by updating.

produces a selection of GPS navigation devices that are used worldwide.

To update a NAVIGON GPS device such as the NAVIGON 2100, you must register your device with the NAVIGON website.

I noticed right off the bat the Navigon 2100 is now more responsive and while I’ve used it this week while traveling in Portland, it’s been a real joy.

You can download the 1.2 update by logging in to your My Navigon area of their website.

(Note: If your device works flawlessly, there is no reason to update it.

In case of problems, please update to newer version.) The applications in your mobile device are being constantly developed, which is why regularly updating your infotainment system will help you avoid losing compatibility.

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Updating Bluetooth ensures that your mobile device matches up to the ŠKODA infotainment system without any problems.Once you've registered, you can download and install the NAVIGON Fresh application, which you can use to download map and system software updates for your NAVIGON 2100 unit.Open your Web browser and navigate to the NAVIGON website.Be sure to backup your existing SD card data first!

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With the update and performance I’ve been getting so far this week, this little low cost GPS unit may just become my first choice when I travel!

Support for image formats enables viewing of images from an SD card or USB and showing the logos of stored radio stations on the display.