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Captain Cook was the first European to visit Norfolk Island in 1774, and when Governor Phillip arrived in Sydney with the first fleet in 1788, he sent Lieutenant Philip Gidley King almost immediately to set up a penal colony there.By the early 19th century, the penal colony was closed, but there were problems on another small island, Pitcairn, where the descendants of the mutineers on the Bounty were struggling.Maywald says Norfolk effectively lost its duty-free status when the GST came in.'Things that were taxed at a very high rate on the mainland, so-called luxury sales taxes on things like perfumes and alcohol and some appliances and jewellery, they were extremely cheap in Norfolk Island because they didn't have that sales tax,' he says.'Tourists used to come there for a week and pay for their fares with all the savings they made on their purchases.'The Norfolk Islanders weren't compensated, and the tax changes damaged their tourism.'From then on most tourists were retired people or people on fixed incomes,' Maywald says.Then in 2008, tourism took a further dive as the GFC made it difficult for older people to travel, while the high Australian dollar made overseas holidays more attractive.

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'And the parliamentarians were totally accessible to the people. If they were at Foodland supermarket on a Saturday morning, people would come up and ask about roads or pensions or any other issue.Well, self-government has only existed on Norfolk Island for 36 years,' he says.

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