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Without limitation, this means that technology resources may not be used: 1. The technology resources are supplied on an "as is, as available" basis.

to access any material contrary to the Internet Safety Policy; or to create or generate any such material.2. The District does not imply or expressly warrant that any information accessed will be valuable or fit for a particular purpose or that the system will operate error free. A technology protection measure is in place that blocks and/or filters access to prevent access to Internet sites that are not in accordance with policies and regulations.

Users shall not copy, change, or transfer any software without permission from the network administrators.6.

Users shall not write, produce, generate, copy, propagate, or attempt to introduce any computer code designed to self-replicate, damage, or otherwise hinder the performance of any computer's memory, file system, or software.

This occasional use exception does not permit use by employees contrary to the expectations of their position.

For example, employees may not play games or surf the net for purposes not directly related to their job during duty time; nor may students do so during instructional time.

The unique 3-car split garages allow for extra storage or a hobby space.I have retained this email if anyone ever is denied access or charged with a crime for visiting or camping at a Federal/National Park in requires both your residence address and your P. Box address being updated, even though they never say that during registration.