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The S3 PUT API also required the placement subsystem.

The placement subsystem began recovery when the index subsystem was functional and finished recovery at PM PST. Other AWS services that were impacted by this event began recovering.

From the beginning of this event until AM PST, we were unable to update the individual services’ status on the AWS Service Health Dashboard (SHD) because of a dependency the SHD administration console has on Amazon S3.

Instead, we used the AWS Twitter feed (@AWSCloud) and SHD banner text to communicate status until we were able to update the individual services’ status on the SHD.

The S3 team had planned further partitioning of the index subsystem later this year.

We are reprioritizing that work to begin immediately.

While removal of capacity is a key operational practice, in this instance, the tool used allowed too much capacity to be removed too quickly.

We have modified this tool to remove capacity more slowly and added safeguards to prevent capacity from being removed when it will take any subsystem below its minimum required capacity level.

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The placement subsystem is used during PUT requests to allocate storage for new objects.

One of these subsystems, the index subsystem, manages the metadata and location information of all S3 objects in the region.