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A lot of girls my age look up to these older girls in the media who wear all these sexy things—basically anyone you see in a magazine, all the big movie stars. A bunch of people are like, ‘Go, Miley,’ and a bunch of people are like ‘ her to be—and some people consider her a role model.

So the people who are saying ‘No, Miley’ are saying that because she wears these revealing bathing suits onstage and twerks with teddy bears,” a reference to Cyrus’s controversial 2013 performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, “which is weird. Lily took pictures of herself in the white skirt and tank top and texted them to her friend Priya.

It’s difficult for girls who confident with their bodies because they can develop these terrible things like eating disorders that affect them their whole lives until they’re adults.” She said there was a girl in her school whom she had “literally had not seen eat in three years.”I asked her why she thought girls were still influenced by the media, even when they were aware of its pressures. “It’s weird.“Sometimes I wonder if it’s the parents,” she mused after a moment. We go to these parties with high heels and fancy dresses and we’re like 12 and 13 and we party till one o’clock in the morning.

“Like I wonder why our parents let us do grown-up things. ” She talked about bat mitzvahs and birthday parties where there were “mocktails,” or faux alcoholic drinks in cocktail glasses. But by the time we’re in college, we’ll already know what that feels like to party till one in the morning. ”She talked about a party where there was a “runway show,” and girls could “pick a designer dress and put it on and wear it on the runway and there was a paparazzo taking pictures so we could pretend like we were famous.

Of course I want to amount to great things,” she said, “but when everyone’s telling you and constantly badgering you about it, it can be really stressful.

At the school I go to one bad grade can, like, crush a person.”And so she wasn’t sure whether she could fit “a relationship” into her jam-packed schedule.

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That’s just what we’re shown, and what we’re shown is what we . I mean I would say Miley Cyrus, but it’s kind of controversial.

She searched in her closet and the heaps of clothes strewn everywhere in her room.