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21-Mar-2020 05:38

Some scholars associated with the journal posted condemnations of the article and issued apologies for it.

Eventually, a group of associate editors, spearheaded by Cressida Heyes, whose work is criticized in the article, published an official condemnation of the piece indicating that the journal had made a mistake in publishing it, which of course, just makes the journal look bad.

Why were so many others afraid to say anything in public?

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I will write to her privately and tell her so.” Others went further and supported Tuvel in private while actually attacking her in public.

In private messages, these people apologized for what she must be going through, while in public they fanned the flames of hatred and bile on social media.

The question is, why did so many scholars, especially feminists, express one sentiment behind closed doors and another out in the open?

I summoned up the courage and entered the fray suggesting only that invite critical responses to the article.

This suggestion was met with ridicule and derision.

The article was vetted by reviewers and editors, and published, after all.