Online dating good or bad idea

04-Dec-2019 23:10

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It’s best to first research what are those effects of online dating to the society.

So by the time a month of physical separation had passed, there was almost 5 months of a slow, painful emotional separation that had transpired. There are three perspectives, things we know about ourselves we share with others, things we know about ourselves that we may keep private and things others see in us that we may not see ourselves.

If I fall for that person, knowing what I know, then it is something I have to deal with.

At worst, we hate each other, at best, he becomes someone very important to me, apart from being "just a friend"You never know if you don't try..... Everyone comes into your life for a lifetime, season or reason... and if you try at least you won't 'coulda, shoulda, woulda' yourself I think rebound relationships r ok but u have to be careful I find it can backfire.

I still say take the chance because you just don't know what will happen.

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I'd rather take it, knowing I was going to get hurt, than not take it at all and always wonder if I should have.

and at just the right time, ride the wave and see where it takes you.... Personal experiance thats the one reason I am not with my babies mom.