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15-May-2020 20:18

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It includes only words listed as current in the final third of the 20th century, excluding those with leading zeros, running from 0 to 999.

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Verbs: aim, arm, armour, ham, hammer, harm, haulm, hem, home, homer, hum, humour, hymn, immure, maa, mar, may, mere, mew, miaow, mire, mirr, moo, moor, more, moue, mow, mure, murr, um, warm, wham, whim, whoom, womb, worm, yammer, yarm.Adjectives: alar, alee, all, aly, awheel, awhirl, early, elhi, hail, hale, helio, helly, hilar, hilly, holey, holl, hollow, holy, hooly, hourly, Ila, ill, La, Lahu, Lai, Lao, lay, lea, lee, leer, lew, lié, Louis, low, lower, Luo, Lyons, oily, ole, oleo, wale, wallow, wally, well, whally, whirly, whole, will, willow, willowy, wily, wool, woolly, Yale, yearly, yellow, yellowy.