Outlook inbox not automatically updating

15-Jan-2020 04:17

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To be exact, I have created a new profile and kept it to download but still the problem persists. I can assure there's no issue as other users are able to communicate without any issues. If you feel the issue is not resolving itself I would recommend checking out the Outlook Support and Recovery Assistant Here: https://configure.office.com/sara/Setup Consider changing how much email you are downloading as well to keep offline.

Start low - and you can increase it as you validate it if you need too.

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Sometimes I even get the following error when trying to sync manually: What it could be and how to fix it? Do you think I'm so stupid so I can't find the answer in the Internet myself first?I managed to get some spare time to look at this more last night, I was reading the Windows store reviews.It seems loads of people are having problems with the apps.Variety of issues but the auto sync was mentioned quite a few times.

Pretty lame really that MS has written such buggy software for their own OS.It was at this point that I suggested removing the roller blinds from that window, the same blinds that were casually swinging in front of the laser.

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