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We met again on Thursday night at the bar on my hotel in Tecom and we quickly finished in my bed without any discussion about money. In the morning she asked for "pocket money" but as I had only very little with me (what a shame (LOL)) I gave him AED 150 which added to the AED 130 I paid for the drinks was a great value. Looks like she also had good time as she wants to meet me again. Hey bud, you mentioned "regular pick up clubs" to get normal girls (not WGs) so long as you have a little swag and game.Can you name some decent clubs to try it on with single hot chicks who are not WGs? My plan for this weekend is going to be ratsky, Moscow / Prem, rockfellas and kubu as always, unless you guys can recommend a new joint?There is nothing that can beat this city and its craziness and with the oncoming winter there is going to be so much pussy it will be a passion, time to get a car and new house and change the game, have had about 6 or 7 small parties in my home and then three some, foursome, fivesome that is the max I have reached till now but I am very sure a group sex or a gang bang session is not far away just waiting for the right already had a SA girl working in a 5 star hotel fuck 3 of my friends and me in 2 nights 3 days non stop, told you you can find a crazy, this city is obnoxious. If in Deira side of town, try another option: Once near Rigga or Muteena Street, just open up WECHAT. Tried sending you a message but there is no option for some reason. Basically if there is a decent AMP or incall provider near Naif please send me a message with the details. After, I think a couple of months, I decided to check on my old contact in Marina. You will get flooded with contacts when you look up for "nearby". Prompt reply as ever, the lady of the house shared the pics. Broadway: Total 3 mama s a a and s one is A m e e r a when you enter on the left table then M a r I a m on the right and then the last Azerbaijan I right in front total these 3 rule the place, there are single women but the 3 combined have about 30 to 40 girls on any given night and it is a super small club so who needs any more again a Saudi place to dance and make merry so fights are customary there also Moroccan Egyptian and other Arab women as there is a s h e e s h a and Arabic club on M floor and this place has a steady inflow of men of all ages from a 18 yr old Saudi to 60 year old Saudi all hunting for the same women but with reverse age thinking: Hope you get it what I am writing: M I r c h I: Still the best Indian music and P a k women the club seemed to have changed as most of the women are now on the front side near the dance floor so back be e and see h e are like us have less chances but what can I do cannot go and walk up to a women hence the club managers gave me a new secret formula champagne popping with those fire crackers its an amazing thing in m I are see h I and w t f we started doing the champagne shower as the manager is a buddy so the clients go crazy and women rush to our table: We never had a shortage of women and at the end of the night its actually a trouble saying no to women as clients don't know the style of Dubai and keep on playing with all of them when they are at the table.

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MOSCOW: Same as before just mama s a a and and sisters rule the place don't find that alone girl who wants to fill up on her monthly rent or who just comes once in a while stands at the bar is shy afraid and a bit hesitant to drink or maybe just that I go very less once a week or 10 days max.

But mama s a a and get some awesome girls just few days ago saw a girl with tattoos all over but alas I was with a client so could not pick her.

Just to avoid the hassle of finding parking, this time I parked my car at Mall of Emirates and took the Metro to JLT. No issues there and straight to her apartment Go to any lively bar during ladies night and wait until one girl does eye contact with you.

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Texted the Lady of the house about my trip and asked her to come down. This happened to me on Sunday night last week at the bubble bar / Novotel Al Barsha.

Billionare: Boa: This is actually the new play ground of Dubai's hot new babes and you can find some fresh on the boat free awesome hot pussy been lucky twice went to the women's room and fucked here there in front of her husband and then once two sisters with there mom in next room: crazy places both of these: Zuma: Sass: Robertos: Basically all of difc fine dining places: Absolute madness 25 to 1 its just sausages everywhere and in those women some are normal some with friends and very few pickups even a ugly w g asks for $ 1000 here and mind it prices are in $$$ so don't get happy when she says 500 for single shot and LT Is 2 hrs only what a drama it is here but still fun as you find many freebies who are horny and just want to fuck but you need to be a strong man to be that I thought I was but have failed with all the women for me its 2 hrs rest in every shot but these horny women want non stop sex for 3 to 4 hrs continuously so I was unable to fulfill them maybe some of you can. So I reached her building, she was waiting downstairs, and she helped me park my car. I told her to slow down as its my good tshirt I don't want her to tear it.

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