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29-Jun-2020 13:30

Raffles are not even allowed as fundraiser due to their association with gambling, which is also banned.Obviously, dishonest or disruptive remains heavily discouraged as it does even in public schools.

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All women are required to keep their skirts at knee-length or longer and receive no piercings beyond one in the earlobe.

Neither freshmen nor sophomores are permitted to drive cars to work, either. Liberty University As with many Christian colleges and universities, Liberty extends its behavioral guidelines to students who live off campus as well as on.

They do not require church service, but Convocations on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are compulsory for the entire student body.

After dusk, mixed groups are not allowed to fraternize without chaperones because having a group of friends including males and females alike is not normal psychosocial behavior – it is “improper” and apparently leads to premarital sex and dancing and other alleged affronts to Jesus. Brigham Young University The official “Honor Code” of BYU strictly outlaws camping trips with members of the opposite sex, though instances with separate accommodations for males and females will at least receive a modicum of consideration and reduced discipline if unauthorized.

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Most of the punishment is reserved for any involving “impropriety,” however.

Commuter students cannot cohabitate with significant others or any peers of the opposite sex, either, and anyone hoping to get married before the age of 21 is highly encouraged to seek counseling and receive parental permission.