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06-Apr-2020 06:15

A story from Terrence Power about Longest Trip Home Just wanted to say thanks for bringing back so many memories for me.

The wax on the cassocks, the smells of the church and convent, the water and sand on those warm Michigan summer days, even the visits to the shut-ins (! Your book definitely touched a part of me that has been hidden for far too long. A story from April about Marley & Me book Hi John, I just finished reading your book, Marley & Me. We have a thousand stories like the disappearing 4 inch double pointed party pick (originally in a sandwich on a tray), the coyote poop encounter, our own many taled version of sit and stay training, our own compromises for walking on a leash every morning so that neither one of us died, the lost struggle to keep her out of our bed, the satisfaction of clipping toenails with a package of hot-dogs as a reward when the groomer told us our dog would need to be sedated to trim her nails and on and on and on.....

Being alone and only having Echo I was finding it very difficult to face the inevitable.

Echo goes on to a better world where she can leap to catch her favorite Frisbee once again, unfettered by hind legs that move so stiffly, a world where dog biscuits come even more frequently then in her latter days with us; and where smells reveled by the melting snow of early spring will be eternally in her senses.

or really until I can give the next dog a fair shake at replacing her.

Thank you for sharing the unconditional love that a dog can teach us human's who open our hearts, homes and wallets to them.

She too lost control of her hind legs but struggled to stay near us despite her discomfort.

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She was a great girl who didn't leave my side when I suffered through the most excruciating migraines.

A story from Paula about I feel a part of Marley belongs to me! Grogan, I bought Marley & Me some time ago but I couldn't bear to read it because I lost my beloved Keiko - also a yellow lab in June. I cried tears of joy and sorrow & was moved beyond words.

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